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What is Proximuty Marketing?

The Proximity Marketing is one of the most inovative forms of marketing. It is about communicating a message or content directly into the hands of potential customers or users near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Our system generates a Wi-Fi signal with a SSID or public network identified with the name of your store, we generate a coverage area that allows any mobile device (mobile phones, SmartPhones, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, tablets ... ) Equipped with Wi-Fi technology to connect to this network and thus access your promotions and contents.




Step 1

We offer free Wi-Fi, in the main shopping centers of the country.


Step 2

Users connect to our network and can surf at premium speeds.

Step 3

We offer discounts and exclusive promotions to the users of the network.


Step 4

We redirect traffic to your company pages and turn the activity into statistics.


Log In Process

Our system is very easy to use, intuitive, does not require application downloads or activate extra features, you simply have to activate your Wi-Fi log in and next time, the system will automatically recognize you wherever there is a network available.