• Wi-Fi en Centros Comerciales?
    Posibilidades Infinitas...
    Mercadeo y Promociones a travez de Wi-Fi Gratis?
  • Mercadeo directo a la palma de la mano...
    Conoces el Wi-Fi Marketing???

    Mercadeo digital, Mercadeo Social, Programas de Fidelización,
    Campañas Promocionales, Información de Eventos, Encuestas,
    Descarga de App's, redirección a Facebook y mucho mas...

  • Utilizas estadísticas y análisis para tu empresa???
    Estadísticas y datos no personales en tiempo real con nuestras
    soluciones automatizadas
    Contadores de personas • Análisis Demográfico • Tiempos de permanencia
    Porcentaje de conversión • Mapas de Calor • retornos...

    Todo de manera digital, automatizado y en tiempo real para monetizar su servicio Wi-Fi
    Utilice las herramientas adecuadas para tomar decisiones con nuestra

Charting a new course in Wi-Fi


Proximity Marketing

A new way to attract new consumers, promote, market and increase your conversion rate through Wi-Fi.

Business Intelligence

Do more than tell, know your customers better and understand their behavior.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Generate increased customer loyalty and enhance your shopping experience in a secure environment.

Wireless Digital Connectivity

A digital world at your fingertips, forget the cables with our Wi-Fi solutions.

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Free Wi-Fi! + Wi-Fi Marketing + Wi-Fi Analytics = $$$.

MagellanTec TOTAL Wi-Fi Marketing Solution!


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Monetize your Wi-Fi Network

  • No worries
  • High Performance
  • The most secure Wi-Fi on the planet
  • Maintenance free
  • Future proof

  • High capacity
  • Low cost
  • No setup fee
  • Digital advertising
  • Statistics and analysis

  • Ready to work
  • In the palm of your hand
  • Instant marketing
  • Latest technology
  • Much more...

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Because we are constantly thinking of feature improvements

To organize and make sense of the world’s physical information by making it universally acceptable in a digital world.
To exploit technical innovation for the benefit of our clients and their customers by implementing next generation technologies and WiFi advancements.
Bringing the physical world together with the digital world creating a unique marketing eco system.
In the digital field new tools for immediate communication are appearing, with the possibility of real time measurements. Marketing techniques must then change their paradigm. If distributors, and media producers were the ones who had the power of opinion before, now the focus must change to the user.
Magellan Technologies is a technology company that seeks to offer advanced and accessible solutions in the area of Wi-Fi to the different markets. We provide the technological infrastructure to implement a digital strategy that includes relevant spaces where people interact. We create, design and communicate digital marketing in real time, surpassing the effectiveness in contacts of off-line world techniques.


How we make this possible ...

Login Pages - 100%

Internal Ads - 90%

Network Redirection - 93%

Web Site Redirection - 87%

Anecdotes - 70%

Customer service - 98%